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The Walthers Family

Walthers Family


Daniel's heart for animals can be traced back to his early childhood. At 9 years of age he smuggled pigeons into his mother’s house where he kept them on a shelf in his closet. He’d sneak them out daily under his clothing so the birds could get their exercise. He fed and cared for them lovingly. Surprisingly, his mother didn’t find out until decades later, and she simply replied upon disclose: "Doesn't surprise me".

He grew up in Willmar, Minnesota, he met his wife Teresa. They have been married for 28 years! They have been together for 32 years and now reside on their 36 acre Winding Woods Ranch in Commerce, Georgia with their two children: Christina and Matthew. The entire family is involved with the animals. As can be seen in the videos, Matthew (17) is wonderful with the birds, as he spends a considerable amount of time with his Dad learning all the training techniques. In fact, Matthew is the “co-trainer” of Sturgis, Kennesaw State University’s live mascot (a Eurasian Eagle Owl), alongside his father who is the “trainer” and owner of Sturgis. Christina (19) enjoys the birds; however, she is more into her miniature pig, Truffles. She’s a student at Kennesaw State University with a major in Psychology. Teresa is a Realtor® and stays busy working the entire metro Atlanta Area, yet she makes time to play an integral role with the animals.

Daniel has a special gift when it comes to God’s Creatures. He has taken a Cockatoo that had never been touched, was exceedingly scared, and so wild that he'd lay on his back and use his feet to fight, and Daniel turned him into a gentle, loving, family pet in a matter of a week. He works with veterinarians, zoos, rehabilitation facilities, various animal trainers, breeders, customers, and others from all over the Continental United States. People come to him for help, as his experience is well known and highly regarded in the pet industry.

  • Over the past few decades, he has manufactured and sold modular flights that were shipped all over the world to breeders, hobbyists, boarding facilities, rehabilitation centers, and others.
  • He invented the original heated perch.
  • He has traveled the state entertaining and educating groups and organizations of the importance of saving our environment to ensure the health and safety of our wonderful parrots.
  • In 2008, he owned and trained the live mascots for the Baltimore Ravens NFL football team—“Rise” and “Conquer”, the White Napped Ravens.
  • He has worked on the set of television production companies such as AMC’s The Walking Dead and worked on the set for Baltimore, Maryland’s Lottery Commercials.
  • From 2015 to current, Daniel owned and trained the live mascot for Kennesaw State University—“Sturgis”, the Eurasian Eagle Owl.


He is a kind, honest and gentle soul that relates beautifully with all of God's Creatures - humans and animals alike.


- The Walthers Family