Satisfied Customers of Winding Woods Ranch

We always enjoy "staying-in-touch" and receiving updates and feedback from our customers.
We have placed a few here for you to enjoy.
Hopefully, one day soon we will be displaying yours here also.

Daniel & Teresa


From: Kathy Cummings
Sent: Sunday, July 5, 2015
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: [The Walthers Blog] Comment
Regarding: Our Raven "Mika"

I have had so many comments on our raven, Mika!

I have to say how impressed I am with your support and care.since bringing her into our home.

Daniel has been there for every question I have had and called many times to be ssure things are going smoothly. I must say their love and caring for their birds shines through. I am so glad I came here for my baby girl.

The Walthers are the best!!!!!!!



From: Ann-Louise Ryrvik
Sent: Wednesday, October 1, 2014
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: My Order
Regarding: Natural Corvid Training DVD Purchase

Hi again!

I just want to confirm that the stuff has arrived.

It´s like Christmas :-). At the moment I've just started to look at one of your DVDs
("Natural Corvid Training") just to see how everything works.

So far, I've just seen the first chapter - the one with the fake hand.
It´s clever and you´re a good teacher.

I would like to thank you and I will for sure be ordering in your shop again!

Best regards,



From: Matthew Stricker
Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2013
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Pet Crow
Regarding: Greatest investment in my young life....

My original plan was to purchase a macaw, of sorts, as a potential new pet. I have always been a fan of birds and have had experience with multiple birds as pets in the past. Birds tend to be very social and intelligent animals when properly taken care of and at the time I wanted something bigger and more of a challenge than the ones I have owned in the past. The last thing on my mind at this point was purchasing a corvid as a pet.

The first obstacle I faced was the fact that the only good bird store around my area was closed down. Unless I wanted to settle for a parakeet or other smaller bird that you would typically see at Wal-Mart, I would have to drive over an hour to get to the closest bird store. Smaller, common birds are not a bad choice if you’re looking for a pet - but my heart was set on something more interesting and worthwhile. I was left with little choice and decided that I had to take a full road trip to get what I wanted, but first I wanted to do some research to see which species I was looking for.

While I was surfing the internet I discovered Daniel Walthers web site. I had no intention of purchasing a pet off the internet and risk getting scammed but the URL seemed to have good info on multiple species of macaws. As I was looking through the info, I noticed that he was selling corvids and sure enough, ravens and crows for sale. I was intrigued by this and decided to look into this out of pure curiosity. I already knew a thing or two about crows from watching the TED talks talking about their latest research on these species and their incredible level of intelligence. Their web site seemed legit, I watched the videos and read the biographies & I became more interested about these birds. Out of a sudden motivation inspired either by genius or insanity I thought, “screw it, I’m going to do this!”

I paid all the expenses after contacting the Walthers - now all that was left to do was wait. The hardest part of the waiting period was convincing my friends what I had done. They either thought I was crazy or adventurous, or perhaps a mixture of the two. I remember questioning myself from time to time......wondering if I really was crazy or perhaps I had chosen a pet that would require too much responsibility to properly care for, but eventually.....the wait was over and it was time to claim my pet.

I brought a friend with me to pick up my crow at the nearest airport and see my new pet for the first time. I picked up the cage, which was covered in towels (to keep the animal calm as it traveled, I assumed) and began my drive back home. When I finally arrived, it was time to open the cage and see my crow for the first time. I took a deep breath and opened the cage to see a beautiful, healthy, young crow looking back at me. I nervously reached my arm into the cage and offered it as a perch to take him out of his cage and present him to my friends who were eager to see him. He was shy and stared at my arm at first, deciding if it was a good idea to accept my request. After a little while, he clutched onto my arm and I slowly retracted my arm to present my new pet. My friends looked in amazement like a kid entering his first concert and seeing his favorite band play live in front of him. My friends observed some of his more intimidating features such as his size, his talons, and his enormous beak. One of my friends dared me to pet it. I proceeded to do so and my crow accepted it as comforting. From there I spent time with my bird and showed him off to many of my friends and family who gave similar reactions as the first group of friends did. With time, I bonded with my pet as he bonded with me and as he grew, the time I spend with him only became more fun and memorable. I have owned my crow for about two months now and I can confidently say that He was the greatest investment of my young life so far. I look forward to growing up with this pet and having all the adventures that are surely to follow.

If you are interested in obtaining a pet that is more intelligent than most. If you wish to own an animal that is different from all the rest and the envy of all your peers, friends, and family. If you wish to have something to come home to that will greet you with excitement and loyalty. If you wish to enrich your life a bit and pick up a hobby slightly different and more interesting than most others......consider adopting a crow into your life. You won’t regret it no matter how crazy you feel about doing it.




From: David Valle
Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: THANKS!
Regarding: Companion Corvid Instructional DVD Purchase

I'm watching your Corvid dvd again and I can't thank you enough for it!

There is sooo much useful information in it and earlier I had been making a list of Corvid items I'm wanting and needing to get and watching the dvd gave me some reminders. Like the scale for example. That's huge! Very important. I'm also trying to track down an avian vet as well.

I can't thank you enough for answering my questions and speaking with me on the phone. I know I'm a pain, but I'm just super excited and usually would channel that through reading about them...there just isn't a lot on them.

Thank you for the great products and being the very best in offering these and other amazing birds.

P.S. In my interest of learning about Pied Crows I've met online other people with corvids and when asked where I'm getting my crows from and I mention Daniel Walthers, I'm always told how great he is but also how he's helped people who hadn't even bought from him.

Kudos to a great family.



From: Jill Wise
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: THANKS!
Regarding: Companion Corvid Instructional DVD Purchase

I've watched the video & had Ray outside with the harness & the anklets. I'm so clumsy working with them but hopefully that will improve. Your son is so sweet & such a great ability of animal handling! I have several grandkids but only one with that innate quality around small animals. I'm impressed with your video performance..........

You explained the "thinking" side of the brain clearly - it really makes sense when I stand back and watch my bird. It's amazing that my bird went from sitting in a nest to full flight in a matter of days!! He flies across the room & lands on me with the grace of a pro.

I forgot to mention that the "diet" segment was great - I made a list of suggested foods and plan to shop today. I've started saving paper towel rolls too :) I want to make an outside aviary like the one in your video - the shelf & cut-outs for bowls are great ideas for comfort & convenience. It's a good bonding time when you can go into the bird's space and spend time, like you demonstrated

Thanks for sharing your childhood story - it rekindled my own!

Thanks for the great video and I look forward to more !!

Jill from Indiana