Corvid RC-20 Pelleted Diet


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Our price is now $3.95/per lb and is sold in 8.5 lb (+$15.05 shipping) & 10.5 lbs (+$21.10 shipping) per order.

Corvid RC-20 is a superior dietary pellet for all Ravens, Crows, & Rooks.
It contains 20% protein for balanced, healthy nutritional performance.

** Valued Customer:
It has come to our attention that during this Covid-19 outbreak that our previous money-saving method of shipping/delivery has become unreliable and lengthy.
Therefore, we have determined that another method of shipment (USPS Priority Flat Rate) is necessary to guarantee a reliable & timely delivery. Unfortunately, this results in a price increase.
Understanding that our customers rely on this pellet to maintain the health & well-being of their corvid - I will consistently do everything possible to keep prices as low as possible for you.
My apologies for any inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.
Daniel Walthers

PLEASE NOTE: This product is ONLY PROVIDED in the Continental United States!

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