Hybrid Macaws

Meet 7 month old "Skittles"!

This brilliantly colored Hybrid Macaw was SOLD and has a loving home in Massachusetts!

Buying a Hybrid Macaw before it's fully feathered is like getting a Christmas present!
On one end of the spectrum - our hybrids may look very much like a blue and gold macaw, or muted/washed out Blue and Gold Macaw. On the other end of the spectrum.....you may get one as beautiful as "Skittles" - but this is very much a rarity! "Skittles" is the most colorful and beautiful Hybrid we have raised or seen EVER!

In the process of transporting "Skittles" to her new owners, a gentleman at the airport tried to offer me double the purchase price to not ship him to his awaiting family. Upon arrival, the airline agent didn't want to give him up!
No Kidding - the owners will confirm this! They are absolutely CRAZY about him!

Price: $3800. - $5000.
(depending on coloration & availablity)

Payment & Shipping Information

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~ Please Note: We no longer have any Starlight Macaws! ~


Starlight Macaw
Image courtesy of © Animal-Images.com

Our gorgeous Starlight Macaw has been SOLD !

Don't know what a Starlight Macaw is? Here is a description.......

The Starlight Macaw is a second generation hybrid macaw and was developed from these crossings:

  • 1st - Blue and Gold Macaw crossed w/ a Military Macaw = Miligold Macaw
  • 2nd - Miligold Macaw crossed w/ a Scarlet Macaw = Starlight Macaw

The Miligold Macaw lineage brings the wonderful combination of being good natured, wonderful disposition,
very trainable, and excellent talkers. Adding to this by introducing the brilliant fiery red plumage of the
Scarlet Macaw - the results can be breath-taking!!