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We have placed a few here for you to enjoy.
Hopefully, one day soon we will be displaying yours here also.

Daniel & Teresa


From: Nancy Phillips
Sent: December 2015
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Followup

She is very beautiful. She is also a very open & accepting & loving bird.

Had I described what I wanted in a bird she would have been it.

I am a beginning parrot owner and she has been wonderful to work with.

Thank you & Daniel for such a sweet bird.

I am doing well and she is a joy to be around.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Nancy Phillips



From: Julie M. Coffey
Sent: December 2015
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Update


It's Julie Coffey, I wanted to let you know how Darby is doing.

He is so wonderful and well behaved!

Today was 'Pirate Day' at the Lowe's I work for. He was our VIP guest. So loving and curious, everyone is so amazed at how gentle he is.

I just had to share.



From: Roger D. Oliver
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Facebook Comment


I want you to know that you have touched so many people, my family included, with the gift of love in the form of a B&G named Boba Fett.

He has been with us just a year and it feels like a lifetime of joy already.

So Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

May today and everyday bring you as much joy and happiness that you have brought to others through your passion for life.





From: Julie M. Coffey
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Facebook Comment

Hi Daniel and Teresa. Just wanted to drop a note.

Darby is just over one year old now and we love him! Best Macaw I ever owned!

Thank you so much for what you do.
It's immeasurable.



From: Ella
Sent: Monday, Feb. 10, 2014
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Follow-up

Hi Teresa.
Hope all is well.

Our baby (we named her Yoda) is doing great. Stopped bopping and crying.

She is really enjoying exploring the playstands and cage and is really getting used to us and is very comfortable. She is making happy noises and loves to play with all toys. I wanted to know which brand of pellets you sent because she really loves them and I want to buy more. So all is well and we are just loving her.

Thank you for raising such a wonderful and loving bird for us.
Ella from NY



From: Freddy
Sent: Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Lilly

Hey Daniel - Freddy here.

Well, it's been a year since the egg cracked open and popped out Lilly.

She has been a stellar bird - an absolute member of the family.
I can't thank you enough for all the time you spent with me.
I certainly am glad that I found you and now have this beautiful creature in my life forever.

Extend my thanks to your wife as well.
I hope your world is happy.....I know mine sure is with my Lilly.

Love and feathers.




From: Julie Coffey
Sent: Thursday, Sep 5, 2013
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Follow-up

Hi Teresa, things are going great, Darby LOVES Matt, is good with our daughter and myself.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with him, you really give these guys a great start in life!




From: Ryan Satterlee
Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2013
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Re: Biting Harlequin

Daniel, I can't express enough how helpful our conversation was to me today.

We ordered your system a couple of hours ago and can't wait to get started doing the "right thing"... Often people just need someone who is willing to take the time to talk thru some things and be a friend in uncharted territory.

You're helpful and giving heart has helped hundreds, maybe even thousands I'm sure! I just have to say I am humbled that after taking this emotional (frustrating) situation to God in prayer and sending you an email last night, you called me today with exactly what our family needed to hear! It may sound hokie-jokie, but I believe God is using you and your family in a BIG way to help "fleshy" and "feathered" friends in a way that no one else seems to be able to do!!!

I am truly blessed to have met you (or your voice) and I'm grateful for your wisdom!

Can't wait to get your system in the mail and can't wait to tell you the good report!

Godspeed to you Daniel!
-Ryan, Stephanie and family.



From: Brannon
Sent: Thursday, May 9th, 2013
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: You gave me the sweetest baby girl I've ever met!!:)

Oh Teresa, things are going phenomenally.

She is an absolute treasure and the sweetest baby I've ever met! She loves to waddle behind me as I walk around the house! I absolutely love her!

Thanks so much guys.



From: Tamara S.
Sent: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
To: Winding Woods Ranch Blog
Subject: Baby Bella

I just wanted you to know Baby Bella "Ruby Macaw" Is just beautiful!
She had her 1st hatchday March 18th and is growing into a very sweet, loving, bright and beautiful girl.

I must say that I am amazed with the temperment. Great breed, I would buy another Ruby any day!

Thank you both for allowing Bella to brighten and enrich us as well as her.



From: Meredith Jaeger
Sent: Saturday, Dec 1, 2012
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Tiki

Dear Daniel, Teresa, Christine and Matthew-
Words can not express how completely happy excited and completely in love I am with my new baby! Tiki just made it home a couple hours ago and he's just perfect! He has already surpassed every dream I've ever had of adding a bird to our family! He's so gentle and snuggly and just the most beautiful bird I've ever set eyes on!
The time and love you've poured into this bird is just so obvious the minute he came out of his cage! He stepped right up and wanted snuggles kisses and head tickles! I so very much appreciate all the work you and your family have done to assure that we will have an amazing addition to our family! He's not just a pet but an instant family member and I promise you from the bottom of my heart I will cherish and love him for ever!!!!
Thank you for being there for my crazy questions and for getting this baby ready to be pampered!! :) You are truly gifted and I couldn't be more pleased!

Thank you so very very much!!
Meredith Jaeger :)




From: "KBJ" (Katelyn from Wisconsin)
Sent: Wed, 10 Oct 2012
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: I will NEVER

I will NEVER go anywhere else to ever get another baby bird.
Your's are BEAUTIFUL & good natured.



From: The Domino Family
Sent: Sun, 13 Nov 2011
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Hi!

Hi Teresa, and Daniel,

Wow, where do I begin. First, I should start with a huge Thank You. Not in a million years could I have imagined that any bird could possibly be like the one we have purchased from you. As we all knew, in the beginning of this process I was not very excited about getting a bird. As the birds we have have had in the past were always someones problem bird. I was fed up with problems like biting, and screaming and all the things that makes being a bird owner almost unbearable.

Then it happened. My husband found the both of you.. You waited patiently for me to come around, and you encouraged and taught us many things. My husband has waited "many years" to be able to have a bird like this and every second was worth the wait. Our new family member named "Marrco", is simply the sweetest most loving bird we have ever seen. It has only been a few short days and we absolutely love him. Not just one of us, but everyone in our family. Even "Edgrr" our bull-dog. Marrco is learning his name, giving kisses, and even trying to mimic different sounds that we make. He cuddles with Jerry then scoots across the couch to visit me.

Thanks to the both of you for taking the time to raise such amazing animals. You truly have a gift and thank you for sharing that special gift with our family. We will forever be grateful. We are hoping that Marrco continues learning and growing the way he would if he were to live with you. I don't know if their personalities change as the become mature birds but the truth is.. I hope not... We love him just the way he is...

Thanks again for all you kindness and we WILL recommend you to everyone that will listen!!

Talk to you soon,

God Bless, The Domino Family



From: Debbie Seames
Sent: Fri, 21 Oct 2011
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Tess

Teresa and Daniel, Matthew and Christina,

Thank you all for the time you put into this wonderful bird - it showed within the first few minutes!!!!!

Tess is of course beautiful, and she is the sweetest Blue and Gold I have ever come across. We got her home about 5pm and she went with the flow of the house immediately!! We took her out of the carrier - with 2 cats awaiting to see what was to come out! Tess could have cared less of the cats and the cats looked at her and then in the carrier as to say "thats it?" The only problem I see with Tess and the one cat is that he has tried to rub up against her and tipped her off balance!

She had a little to eat, sat on my lap and got a lot of attention before the dogs came in. We brought one in at a time - Tess once again could have cared less! The dogs have decided this bird is O K - as they pick up all the food she dropped and loved this new way of eating!

So like I said she has eaten a little, and pooped once got lots of love before ever seeing her new night time cage. She is so tired ...... but its early still so she went up for a nap and then more lovin in an hour or so!!!!

If she has been stressed out at all.........she hides it very well!!!! No panic in body motion or voice. She gives kisses and is just a sweetie. I don't work tomorrow so we will have a me and Bird day! She is so sweet - and that comes only from the care and attention that she received by each and everyone of you.

My Deepest thanks, I knew you were the right breeders to buy from. I took pictures with my camera when we took her out and with the cats and us but when I transferred them out of the camera to online I lost them :( But I am sure more will be in the future and I will send them to you.

Hope next year I can add a Wally for her to befriend. The cage is big enough! Love you all for the great things you do for the birds, and the wonderful people you are! Emails are not going to stop just because Tess is home!!!!!!

Take care - have a wonderful weekend.......I know I will!!!!
Deb in Wisconsin



From: Jill Wise
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: THANKS!

I've watched the video & had Ray outside with the harness & the anklets. I'm so clumsy working with them but hopefully that will improve. Your son is so sweet & such a great ability of animal handling! I have several grandkids but only one with that innate quality around small animals. I'm impressed with your video performance - I spent the greatest part of a year attempting to video clinical procedures for Purdue's distant vet tech degree - a nightmare!! At best, mine were full of cuts/redos and unexpected background noises. There weren't any noticable cuts and only once did I hear a train in the background. I never thought about those things until they ruined my videos repeatedly. It gives one a new respect for finished products like yours. You explained the "thinking" side of the brain clearly - it really makes sense when I stand back and watch my bird. It's amazing that my bird went from sitting in a nest to full flight in a matter of days!! He flies across the room & lands on me with the grace of a pro.

I forgot to mention that the "diet" segment was great - I made a list of suggested foods and plan to shop today. I've started saving paper towel rolls too :) I want to make an outside aviary like the one in your video - the shelf & cut-outs for bowls are great ideas for comfort & convenience. It's a good bonding time when you can go into the bird's space and spend time, like you demonstrated. Your story about "catching" a crow as a kid was something I remember doing. When I was 10, there would be crows trolling our garden and I tried so hard to make a trap to catch one without success. When I found baby "black" birds, I raised them with great anticipation of rearing a crow, until it matured into a grackle. The next spring I located a nest and nagged my dad unrelentingly til he helped me get that crow. She was ~2 wks old and how she survived, I'll never know - the best animal companion I've ever known. She followed me on bike rides, waited for my bus - filled my life with devotion. My mom hauled her off after 2 years because my crow pooped on the laundry hanging on the line. My neighbor told me how sad he was to lose my crow because he had planted extra corn & tomato plants because my crow pulled up all his plants the previous year. Awesome neighbor - mean mother... This raven brings back the simple corvid pleasures I dearly remember! Thanks for sharing your childhood story - it rekindled my own!

Thanks for the great video and I look forward to more !!



From: Debra Mathews
Sent: Monday, June 07, 2010
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Charlie

Just wanted to write you a quick email to let you know that our newbaby is doing great! We've named him Charlie. He seems to be adjustingto life with the Mathews family and in South Texas well. He's verygentle and seems to be very comfortable with all of us, including ourother pets. I'm very pleased with him and just wanted to say thankyou for raising such a remarkable baby. We couldn't be more pleasedwith him.


Charlie 03Charlie 01Charlie 02



From: Midnight Iguana Tattoo
Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2010
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Midnight iguana tattoo macaw

Hi Teresa. Just letting you know how the little Macaw is doing.
We renamed him "Turbo" since he plays nonstop.
We have 3 macaws now and he loves playing with them all.
He is the most cuddly of the bunch he lives with, and loves to be heldand scratched all over.
And he talks up a storm! He talks all day to customers. He has abouta 15
word vacabulary and picks up words easier than any macaw you have seen.
He sits out of his cage all day with my 2 other macaws and plays andtalks.
We really love him ( or her? )! It is so funny when he pins his eyesand hoots at the customers and says "What cha doin?"
He has almost learned to say "Get a Tattoo!"
He let's me file his beak and nails with no problem now.
He is just a great bird. Hope you guys are doing well.

Take care, Ron & Alison



From: SHANE Selman
Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2010
To: dan walters

Hello from the Selman family. Lola is doing well and has taken toour family and is just an awsome bird. She loves to play and she runsround the house. We played one of your videos and she started dancingwhen she heard you. It was great. I will be posting a video on your"youtube" soon so others can see what great birds you haveto sell. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. I wouldnot change this experience for anything in the world! You were justgreat and more pics of her to come.............

Shane Selman and Family



From: Chris Daub
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Re: Videos sent via ArcSoft MediaImpression for Kodak

I just wanted to email you and let you know that Goldwing is doingreally good. We took him to the avian vet today to have his weightchecked and make sure that he was not still stressed out. They saidthat he looked really good.
The vet actually said that whoever we got him from did an excellentjob with him because he is the healthiest, best looking baby macawthat she has seen in a long time.
He did lose a little weight. He weighs 836 grams. She also said thathis feathers, beak, and nails look really good. She even checked hispoop and said that he was completely normal.
I was wanting to ask you if you or your wife has facebook? I have postedalot of pictures on my profile there.

Thank You,
Chris and Carrie



From: YouTube Service []
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010
To: TeresaWalthers
Subject: Comment posted on "Hand Fed Baby Blue & Gold Macawsfor Sale"

sammiesmama has made a comment on Hand Fed Baby Blue & Gold Macawsfor Sale:

We are so happy with "Diego" & working with Danielwas so great! I would recommend any of his birds to anyone wantinga great bird.