The variety of parrots raised on the Winding Woods Ranch are of the highest quality, health, and disposition.

All of our babies are hand-fed, spoiled and socialized to become optimal family companions.

We specialize mainly with parrots of the Macaw family, even though wedo also offer a wide variety of other species throughout the year.

After years of experience with parrots of all breeds, it is our opinion that Macaws are among the best to be kept as pets, and adapt into modern day families with busy, active lifestyles.


New babies available routinely!

Daniel Walthers Ravens & Crows

We are very pleased to offer a variety of products and training tools that will be instrumental in assisting you to expand your relationship with your pet parrot or corvid to a new level.

All items provided have been carefully selected by Daniel Walthers personally for their educational & informative purposes, safety features, and health benefits.

These items are the very same products that Daniel Walthers uses with his own pets of Winding Woods Ranch.

Our collection will be continually growing so please sure to check back often for any inclusions, additions or updates.

Daniel Walthers Ravens & Crows

Daniel Walthers has been working with exotic birds and animals for more than 30 years, including camels, emus, parrots, toucans, cranes, raptors, owls, buffalo, and of course, crows & ravens.

He has put on shows with more than 15 birds at a time and has focused much of his career on educating people on the animals he trains.

Daniel has been working with crows and ravens since he was first introduced to them at the very early age of nine years old. He has also been breeding and training them for over 30 years now, qualifying him to become a leading authority within the industry.


New babies available routinely!